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Pacific Motorway upgrade to improve freight efficiency

Construction is set to begin on the $180 million widening of the M1 Pacific Motorway between Mudgeeraba and Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.

Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, Paul Fletcher, said the widening of the M1 would substantially reduce congestion, improve freight efficiency and road safety, and provide better access to the Gold Coast CBD and surrounding areas.

This is an important traffic corridor and the upgrade will provide a vital injection of jobs, unlock economic capacity and better serve our communities now and for decades to come, said Fletcher.

Works reportedly include the construction of a third lane in each direction, improved interchange ramps and a new bridge for Stapley Drive at Exit 84, which aims to alleviate motorway congestion.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey, said the project would relieve traffic congestion on the southern Gold Coast and support on average over 300 jobs over the life of the project boosting the Gold Coast local economy.

Road construction on this stage of the Pacific Motorway is expected to commence after the Commonwealth Games and is scheduled for completion in mid 2020, weather permitting.

The project estimated to cost $180 million is being jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments, with the Australian Government providing a capped contribution of $110 million and the Queensland Government to pay the balance.

Traffic Q&A: Freight trains and turbo lanes – Sun Sentinel

Doctor Detour answers your transportation questions. Q: In 2014, we were told that, with the opening of the new Intermodal Center at Port Everglades, freight trains would no longer block traffic on State Road 84 . Yet, it still happens .

What gives ? Shawn Michaelson, Fort Lauderdale1 A: Prior to 2014, the trains were assembled across State Road 84 .

Most Florida East Coast2 freight trains are now put together at the new Intermodal Container Transfer Facility3 next to Port Everglades4. The FEC trains5 still cross S.R .

84 at slow speed every morning going into the facility . But, the number of trains has been reduced from about 40 to 14 per day .

The train is never stopped on S.R .

84 unless there is a problem, according to FEC.

There are occasional situations where drivers encounter trains that are stopped or slowly moving back and forth . This happens when the train is longer than 9,000 feet more than the capacity at the ICTF6. Sometimes, engines assembling trains will trigger track sensors that close the crossing gates7 momentarily even though no train is crossing S.R .


Q: Who can I contact to suggest a modification that might lessen traffic congestion on westbound State Road 84 at Davie Road ? The far right lane can easily be configured to be a thru lane . Kevin Shrock, Fort Lauderdale8

A: Good news . A continuous flow lane or turbo lane9 is expected to be in place early next year.

The Florida Department of Transportation10 started looking into it in 2015 . The lane would be restriped, get new signage and have a 4-foot buffer from the other lanes.

Existing crosswalks would not be affected because pedestrians could get a crossing signal with the push of a button, stopping turbo lane traffic . Otherwise, the far right lane would have a constant green light11.

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Detour, a.k.a . Wayne K . Roustan .

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Traffic Q&A: Red-light cameras and cramped ramps16


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Freight delays linger as US Northeast digs out from storm

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The Pennsylvania National Guard assists a tractor trailer that lost control in the snow.

Although ports may reopen Wednesday, in parts of the US Northeast, over-the-road freight transport remains frozen . The blizzard that didn t quite hit New York City or Philadelphia dumped heavy snow inland, closing roads and businesses in Pennsylvania and New York.

New York state lifted a tractor-trailer ban on I-84 late Tuesday, but a temporary tractor-trailer ban remains in effect1 on I-81, a key north-south truck route linking Canada and the Southeast, I-86/Route 17, I-87 from Albany to the Canadian border, I-88, and the New York State Thruway.

An advisory remains in effect Wednesday in Broome County, New York, one of the areas hardest hit by snowfall Tuesday . Binghamton in Broome County is the crossroads for I-81, I-86, and I-88 .

The tractor-trailer advisory will snarl supply chains, delaying freight even after snow is cleared.

Due to road restrictions and ongoing snow removal efforts throughout the region, there is currently no service in northeastern Pennsylvania; much of New York including Hudson Valley, Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo; and Vermont, less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier A . Duie Pyle said.

Other facilities in the Pyle s network of LTL, warehousing, and truckload terminals are open, but the West Chester, Pennsylvania carrier expects delays throughout the day . Even if the trucking company were ready to roll, its customers may not be ready to ship or receive freight.

North Carolina-based Old Dominion Freight Line kept terminals closed in Buffalo and Syracuse, New York; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Vermont, Wednesday .

Other terminals in New York and New England were open but reported varying levels of service delays.

One factor in service delays cited on the company s website: black ice . Also, limited access to customers, with secondary roads in some areas still not plowed or plowed sufficiently.

At the height of the storm Tuesday, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) warned rail shippers to expect delays of up to two days . Some intermodal terminals and automotive ramps in the Northeast will be closed for the next 24 to 48 hours, CSX said .

Customers with freight traveling through impacted areas should expect delays during this time period.

NS was more specific, telling customers heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions were expected to impede train movement and working conditions particularly in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York markets . Both railroads advised customers in the Northeast to contact sales or customer service representatives for details on specific shipments . Additional updates for CSX customers are available at shipcsx.com and for NS customers via Pacesetter and accessNS.

The Northeast, of course, knows snow .

Roads will be cleared quickly . LTL terminals and intermodal ramps will reopen . Businesses will pile up snow at the back of their parking lots and open their doors as employees return to work and customers resume shopping.

Supply chain delays may linger for days, however .

Not only will delays and temporary closings affect the availability of freight, but storms such as Stella force shippers to make alternative plans to route freight to destinations affected by heavy snowfall or interstate truck bans.

Contact William B . Cassidy at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter: @wbcassidy_joc.23 Associate Editor Reynolds Hutchins contributed to this story .

Contact him at [email protected]4 and follow him on Twitter: @Hutchins_JOC5.


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