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Road Haulage Freight Groups Gets Behind World Glaucoma Week

Free Eye Tests Available for All – Not Just HGV and Van Drivers Shipping News Feature UK This week, March 11 17, is World Glaucoma Week 1and in the UK the road freight industry is doing its bit to help combat a disease that affects around 600,000 Britons alone, half of them undiagnosed . Glaucoma is particularly relevant to the logistics industry as good vision is of course essential to any van or HGV driver . As part of the effort to improve the rate of diagnosis the Road Haulage Association (RHA2) is collaborating with sight experts, Vision Express3 by launching a brand-new Vision Van, a mobile eye-testing facility housed within a customised trailer, designed and built by Cartwright Conversions4.

The unique Vision Van will begin its journey across the UK offering free eye tests to the public to highlight World Glaucoma Week 2018 .

The problem is considered so serious that online vouchers are now available which offer free eye tests right up to the end of 2018 . Obviously, if you drive any type of vehicle it s important you can see clearly, read road signs accurately and properly assess driving conditions . However, up to five million UK drivers would fail the number plate identification part of the test if they had to take it again .

So, if you re a driver, make sure your eyes are checked regularly. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye to carry visual information to the brain . It can be caused by reduced blood flow or, more commonly, an increase in pressure of the fluid inside the eye .

If left untreated, most types of glaucoma lead to the gradual deterioration of sight and, in the most severe case, blindness . However, if detected early, glaucoma can be treated easily and further sight loss can be avoided . Vision Express CEO Jonathan Lawson said:

We know mobile health screening works – the NHS recently reported that stationing mobile screening units in convenient locations such as supermarkets, has prompted a four-fold increase in cancer detection rates, and we want to replicate that kind of success for sight-stealing conditions. To support World Glaucoma Week, Vision Express is also offering a free eye test in any of its stores, via a voucher that can be downloaded HERE 5from the 12 – 25 March . Mercedes Benz dealers, Sparshatts 6supplied a brand new 2548 Actros tractor unit and 3m helped produce the unique Vision Van supplying state-of-the-art reflective wrap in the Vision Express livery which incorporates the RHA s branding, whilst RGVA Vehicle Graphics 7finished the bodywork in the all-important wrapping .

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, commented: We are delighted to be associated with this initiative, an initiative that for many will prove to be life changing . Good eyesight is vital for any road user but for an HGV driver, their livelihood depends on it .

Despite this, there are still far too many drivers who ignore any weakness in their vision, weakness that may well be because of glaucoma.

Although easy to diagnose, many drivers are nervous of making the initial approach to an optician .

The Vision Van will play a vital role in conveying the message that good eye health will actually prolong a driver s working life.

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Rail Logistics Group’s Intermodal Freight Services from Transit Silk Road and Trans-Siberian Routes

Regular Departures Offer Shippers Alternative and Greener Option to Air and Ocean Transport Shipping News Feature EUROPE CHINA The much vaunted ‘New Silk Road’ and the trans-Siberian routes to connect the economic areas of China and Europe are the inspiration for the latest services from family owned German based logistics outfit Dachser Rail Services1, which has revealed details of its latest intermodal offerings as an alternative to traditional air and sea freight.

LCL and FCL export cargo emanating from 37 European countries is consolidated at four centrally located rail terminals, Duisburg and Hamburg, Warsaw, and Vienna/Bratislava . After stowage in containers the boxes embark on their journey, a distance of nearly 11,000 kilometres . The trains take one of two routes: the southern corridor, or New Silk Road, winds through Belarus and Russia before crossing Kazakhstan to arrive in China.

The second route is the north corridor, or trans-Siberian route . After passing through Belarus and Siberia, it turns south, heading down through northeast China before arriving at the country s commercial centres . At the destination railway station in rural China, Dachser handles customs clearance and arranges for onward transport in China and Asia via its own Air & Sea Logistics network or partners.

As well as exports, for cargo being imported into Europe Dachser has access to its 49 offices in eleven countries in the Asia Pacific region and Rail Service Desks are available in Shanghai, Shenzen, and Hamburg exclusively for Dachser customers to make bookings . The company says firm transit times, shipment tracking upon request, and a high frequency of departures throughout the week help ensure transparency and aid in planning. Thomas Kr ger, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics EMEA at Dachser says that shipping by rail between Asia and Europe takes just 16 to 22 days, whereas sea freight takes somewhere between 28 and 36 days .

And as for greenhouse gas emissions, rail transport emits up to 90% less CO2 than shipping by air, concluding, Rail is always a sensible option when sea freight is too slow and air freight too expensive .

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Waymo tests driverless trucks in Atlanta

WAYMOATLANTA: March 09, 2018 .

Waymo, the technology company that is part of Google, is introducing a pilot program in Atlanta next week for self-driving trucks to deliver shipments for Google s data centers.

The company plans to apply its technology to shippers operations including factories, distribution centers, ports and terminals.

In addition to a highly-trained driver in the cab, the self-driving trucks are using the same suite of custom-built sensors that power Waymo s minivan that has enabled it to go fully driverless in Arizona.

Over the past year, Waymo has been conducting road tests in California and Arizona in order to apply self-driving to drive big rigs with the equivalent AI maturity as an experienced human driver.

The principles are the same, but things like braking, turning, and blind spots are different with a fully-loaded truck and trailer, said the company.

Waymo has already driven five million miles on public roads in the U.S .

adding to the five billion driven in simulation: In short, our near-decade of experience with passenger vehicles has given us a head start in trucking, it added.

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