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VTA calls for introduction of Victorian Freight Authority

VTA calls for introduction of Victorian Freight Authority

In his opening remarks to the Victorian Transport Association s (VTA) annual State Conference, CEO Peter Anderson called for the introduction of a Victorian Freight Authority to advise Government on the requirements of the transport and logistics industries.

Anderson noted that the VTA has been advocating for policy that supports operators to be successful in business, whether it be new road, rail and port infrastructure to streamline the freight task, or new ways of operating to create efficiencies for various participants in the supply chain.

An example of this is our advocacy for a Victorian Freight Authority to provide government with the perspective of the transport industry when it comes to decisions impacting planning and development, roads and infrastructure, user charges, the environment, and other public policy matters, he said.

The requirements of operators need to be factored early on in decisions being made by regulators and legislators, which is why are pushing for the creation of an authority like this to ensure your unique needs are being looked after.

He added that business cost increases seen across the supply-chain industry over the past 12 months have been felt especially by road transport operators.

We ve had infrastructure surcharge increases from all the stevedores in Melbourne and elsewhere around the country, road charges are increasing exponentially whether it be fuel and excises, registration, insurance and tolls, and the threat of industrial action throughout many sectors of the economy is arguably the greatest it s been for a long time, as we saw over Christmas at Webb Dock, Anderson said.

Indeed, the possibility of future super unions like we ve seen with the merger of the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) and MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) could have far-reaching negative impacts on employers and supply chains nationally.

In year s gone past, operators would typically wear the increases rather than risk losing business to competitors .

We need to shift this attitude and educate not only customers, but consumers as well, that increases in costs are going to be passed on through the supply chain, and ultimately to the end-users of the goods transported by operators.

Without such action, he noted, operators may not have cost recovery increases accepted and will therefore go under, which is not good for anyone.

In his speech, Anderson also shared that the VTA s community outreach efforts have been well received.

We are getting closer to a really encouraging outcome with resident groups in the inner west of Melbourne near the port who for some time have been concerned about the impacts of heavy-vehicle movements, he said.

We re working on a solution that will create a range of improvements and set new standards for driver training, instruction and vehicle emissions, and ultimately create better harmony between passenger and commercial road users.

SH3 Manawatu Gorge replacement welcomed in Palmerston North

MP for Palmerston North Iain Lees-Galloway says the city and the Manawau region welcomes the selection of a preferred route to replace SH3 through the Manawat Gorge as an important step toward restoring and improving transport and freight connectivity in the lower North Island.

The new road will run from near the western entry of the closed SH3 gorge route, cross the Ruahine Ranges north of the gorge, before emerging at Woodville.

“A safe, modern and reliable link between the Manawat , Tararua District, Hawke s Bay and northern Wairarapa is important for employment growth and the economic well-being of these communities,” says Mr Lees-Galloway.

“Local residents, businesses and organisations have all expressed their enthusiasm, and it s great that we now have a decision to plan for.

“The identification of the preferred route brings us significantly closer to a long-term solution that supports strong regional economic growth and improves the safety of such an important transport link.

“I welcome the Transport Agency s commitment to advancing investigations for a Regional Freight Ring Road, and support the view of local businesses, local government and regional development organisations that this would be a critical component to package to unlocking regional economic development opportunities.”

The NZ Transport Agency will now begin the process of seeking consent for the project and progressing detailed business cases for a Regional Freight Ring Route, before construction begins in 2020.

“The closure of the Gorge in 2017 caused significant disruption and I m pleased the Transport Minister and all of the stakeholders have worked so constructively toward such an important a long-term solution.

“This has been an excellent example of the NZ Transport Agency working closely with local councils and regional authorities, with the outcome being a decision that best meets the needs of their communities, businesses, road-users and residents,” says Mr Lees-Galloway.

Road Haulage Freight Groups Gets Behind World Glaucoma Week

Free Eye Tests Available for All – Not Just HGV and Van Drivers Shipping News Feature UK This week, March 11 17, is World Glaucoma Week 1and in the UK the road freight industry is doing its bit to help combat a disease that affects around 600,000 Britons alone, half of them undiagnosed . Glaucoma is particularly relevant to the logistics industry as good vision is of course essential to any van or HGV driver . As part of the effort to improve the rate of diagnosis the Road Haulage Association (RHA2) is collaborating with sight experts, Vision Express3 by launching a brand-new Vision Van, a mobile eye-testing facility housed within a customised trailer, designed and built by Cartwright Conversions4.

The unique Vision Van will begin its journey across the UK offering free eye tests to the public to highlight World Glaucoma Week 2018 .

The problem is considered so serious that online vouchers are now available which offer free eye tests right up to the end of 2018 . Obviously, if you drive any type of vehicle it s important you can see clearly, read road signs accurately and properly assess driving conditions . However, up to five million UK drivers would fail the number plate identification part of the test if they had to take it again .

So, if you re a driver, make sure your eyes are checked regularly. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye to carry visual information to the brain . It can be caused by reduced blood flow or, more commonly, an increase in pressure of the fluid inside the eye .

If left untreated, most types of glaucoma lead to the gradual deterioration of sight and, in the most severe case, blindness . However, if detected early, glaucoma can be treated easily and further sight loss can be avoided . Vision Express CEO Jonathan Lawson said:

We know mobile health screening works – the NHS recently reported that stationing mobile screening units in convenient locations such as supermarkets, has prompted a four-fold increase in cancer detection rates, and we want to replicate that kind of success for sight-stealing conditions. To support World Glaucoma Week, Vision Express is also offering a free eye test in any of its stores, via a voucher that can be downloaded HERE 5from the 12 – 25 March . Mercedes Benz dealers, Sparshatts 6supplied a brand new 2548 Actros tractor unit and 3m helped produce the unique Vision Van supplying state-of-the-art reflective wrap in the Vision Express livery which incorporates the RHA s branding, whilst RGVA Vehicle Graphics 7finished the bodywork in the all-important wrapping .

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, commented: We are delighted to be associated with this initiative, an initiative that for many will prove to be life changing . Good eyesight is vital for any road user but for an HGV driver, their livelihood depends on it .

Despite this, there are still far too many drivers who ignore any weakness in their vision, weakness that may well be because of glaucoma.

Although easy to diagnose, many drivers are nervous of making the initial approach to an optician .

The Vision Van will play a vital role in conveying the message that good eye health will actually prolong a driver s working life.

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