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Road vs Rail in the Budget

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison seems to reckon it s road vs rail in the Budget he handed down this week . Increased infrastructure spending was announced as part of Tuesday s Budget and sees items from the rail freight industry s wish list getting the green light at the same time as vital spending on new and improved rest areas for trucks get cut back.

Road vs Rail in the Budget

The Australian Logistics Council welcomed key freight infrastructure investments contained in the Budget, which will help lay the groundwork for the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy. 1

There is a commitment of $400 million for the duplication of the freight rail line at Port Botany, boosting the use of short-haul rail from the port to intermodal terminals like the new Moorebank development . There is also an investment being made in Queensland s North Coast Rail Line, which will help assist freight rail efficiency in that state.

At the same time Government has said it only expects to spend $46.4 million of its $60 million budget for truck rest areas and other productivity projects in 2017-18.

Australian Trucking Association CEO, Ben Maguire, said the figures, buried on page 30 of the Treasury portfolio budget statement, showed the Government needed to focus on delivering its budget commitments as well as announcing them.

The fatigue laws require truck drivers to take regular breaks, but there still aren t enough truck rest areas in the right places, said Maguire .

When rest areas are available, they are, all too often, filled up with caravans . Their condition can be shocking.

Over the weekend, I travelled from Dubbo to Melbourne with well-known drivers advocate Rod Hannifey . Rod pointed out the many areas where rest areas could have been built at low cost in conjunction with road upgrades .

These opportunities were not taken.

Rod also pointed out that too many rest areas do not include basic amenities like toilets, lighting, water and shade . Access to toilets, lighting and water are basic rights . Office workplaces, including for the ATA and government agencies, do not compromise on the provision of these basic rights.

Road vs Rail in the Budget

Our roads and rest areas are a driver s workplace, and we have little chance of resolving fatigue if we do not provide drivers with the basics they need to do their job of moving Australia s freight to homes and businesses.

The Government s own budget documents show that it expects to be $13.6 million behind on rest area spending in 2017-18 .

The Government needs to focus on delivering its budget commitments and fixing the real problems that Australia s truck drivers face on the roads whenever they need to take a break.


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NatRoad on Federal Budget

NatRoad on Federal Budget

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has welcomed Federal Budget measures, which have the potential to improve the safety and efficiency of the road transport industry.

Spending to reduce congestion in our cities has the potential to reduce expensive delays for operators, particularly in terms of the frustrating last mile access to ports, airports and freight hubs, said NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark.

NatRoad has commended the $3.5 billion for upgrading key freight corridors in regional Australia and the significant funding for road infrastructure throughout the country.

We would like to ensure that this funding is accompanied by a commitment from state and local governments to improve road access for high productivity and oversize/overmass vehicles, said Clark.

We know permit delays and differences between jurisdictions cause unnecessary confusion and costs for road transport operators.

Our members have horror stories, such as being able to get a permit for both ends of a road, but not the middle .

The current system is broken and we want to see it fixed, he said.

Continuation of the Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan, which will eventually see all businesses only subject to a tax rate of 25 per cent, and extension of the instant asset write-down for small businesses will reportedly benefit operators, including owner drivers and small fleet operators.

We are particularly pleased the speculated scrapping of the fuel tax credit scheme1, which we strongly opposed, did not come to pass, said Clark.


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America’s Road Team seeks new driving captains – American Trucker

American Trucking Associations has opened the nominating1 process for professional truck drivers to serve on the 2019-20 America’s Road Team . America’s Road Team, a group of highly-accomplished professional truck drivers, promotes the trucking industry by educating the general public, media, and elected officials about the industry’s strong safety record and importance to the economy.

“Trucking continues to see professional drivers as the most important safety factor on the road and, as such, we have the utmost respect for the millions of skilled truck drivers who serve America’s economy with pride,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “For the past 32 years, America’s Road Team has elevated the visibility of truck drivers and their important work in communities throughout the country, so we look forward to selecting a new group of passionate trucking advocates and welcoming them as the next generation of Captains.”

Every two years, the trucking industry welcomes a new group of captains to join the ranks of America’s Road Team and serve as industry ambassadors . America’s Road Team Captains become the face of the trucking industry, attending events alongside elected officials, appearing on national media broadcasts and championing the industry at schools and community events in every state .

The professional drivers, all of whom have millions of accident-free miles, take a few days away from their companies each month to meet with the motoring public, students, transportation officials and public policymakers to perform truck safety demonstrations and explain the sustainable role that trucking plays in the nation’s economy.

ATA members are invited to nominate professional truck drivers who exhibit strong interpersonal skills, have impressive safety records, and demonstrate a positive attitude toward the industry and their careers as professional truck drivers.

“There is a potential America’s Road Team Captain at every truck terminal in the country . There are drivers with decades of experience who are anxious to get their message out to the public and tell their stories about trucking,” said America’s Road Team Captain Scott Harrison of K-Limited Carrier, a member of the 2017-2018 class. “Truck drivers, like me, are passionate about what we do and we get excited about telling people about our rewarding careers and the true professionalism with which our colleagues in the industry work each day.”

For decades, truck drivers have held an important role in the American public’s identity . ATA and its members in the trucking industry are increasingly seeing a revival of the authentic view of truck drivers as hard-working, patriotic men and women who are willing to lend a helping hand to neighbors and fellow motorists while ensuring freight is delivered safely and securely to homes and businesses from coast to coast .

America’s Road Team Captains are expected to exhibit these qualities in order to promote the industry’s image and advance the industry’s policy goals.

Since America’s Road Team’s inception in 1986, captains have traveled the country educating millions of individuals on highway safety, trucking’s essentiality and the importance of pride and professionalism in the industry . Nominations for the 2019-2020 class of America’s Road Team are due August 20, 2018.

“As longtime champions of safety and the trucking profession, Volvo Trucks knows how important it is to recognize truck drivers who not only practice safety every day at work, but advocate for safety in their communities and workplaces,” said Magnus Koeck, Volvo Trucks North America vice president, marketing and brand management. “Volvo Trucks is committed to improving performance in the trucking industry and one of the ways we do that is by sponsoring America’s Road Team and making sure Interstate One, their Volvo VNL tractor, is equipped with the latest safety technologies and comforts.”

The 2017-2018 America’s Road Team consists of 20 professional truck drivers who together have more than 49 million combined accident-free miles and 531 years of professional truck driving experience . Members of the 2017-2018 America’s Road Team, alongside veteran Captains and trucking executives, participated in a marquee event2 with President Trump and Vice President Pence at the White House on March 23, 2017 .

America’s Road Team also participated in an October 11 event with President Trump in Harrisburg, Penn. ATA’s Interstate One tractor-trailer was used as the backdrop for the President’s national address about tax reform.

“Having the opportunity to serve as an America’s Road Team Captain has really been a highlight of my career,” said America’s Road Team Captain Rhonda Hartman of Old Dominion Freight Line. “I get to work with my team of Captains to spread positive stories about trucking to people who are really receptive of our message and open to learning about highway safety.”

To nominate a professional truck driver for America’s Road Team, please carefully read the eligibility requirements and fill out the nomination form found at americasroadteam.com .

Finalists will be announced October 15, with the final selection taking place January 27-30, 2019 in Arlington, Va.34


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